It is important the horse is well prepared both physically and mentally to begin training in the Art of the Garrocha.

John Saint Ryans unique horsemanship has developed over the years. He is well respected for his knowledge and philosophy in training horses. His clinics and riding instruction are highly regarded .

In this DVD you will find
1.A brief history of the Garrocha.
2. The tack and equipment
3. Exercises on horseback without the Garrocha
4. Exercises on the ground with the Garrocha
5. How to safely introduce the Garrocha to your horse
6.The Basic exercises at the walk and trot incorporating the maneuvers of the Garrocha.
7.The Intermediate exercises at the gallop with more demanding maneuvers.

John Saint Ryans skills in Doma Vaquera led him to win the U.S National Championship three years in succession at all levels from Basico through Intermedio to Alta. His exhibition work with the Garrocha is in great demand.


The fine art of the Garrocha has finally been revealed to us all who live with horses in America. John Saint Ryan is a multifaceted man in riding, training, exhibitions, singing and acting and now surprise - movie

The history revealed is thorough and interesting. It is recorded in a
concise manner. In all aspects from the beginning to the end of this
beautifully produced DVD John demonstrates in the presentation chapters a logical sequence of progression. All beginners will be thrilled to learn how important it is to learn this discipline so as not to frighten their horse. All aficionados will respect the phased lessons for accuracy.

This elegantly produced DVD introduces the "Art of the Garrocha" as
developing a bond between horse and rider. The careful explanation with the visual presentation makes this more than the "how to" response to accomplish this riding discipline. It does so with grace and precision.

John Saint Ryan has shared his wonderful ability to explain in simple
steps for all students of horsemanship from the beginning, to
successfully achieve a capability of this dignified and artistic
rendition of the historic birth of modern "cowboy" skills on horses.

Thank you John for producing the first DVD of this kind of horsemanship skill to America. We hope that all horsemen will revere this skill and learn it easily by following it along. The best that could happen is that this DVD will popularize the Garrocha into many exhibitions across our land, as well as internationally.

Graham & Lanys Kaye-Eddie
Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse



The Art of the Garrocha is one of the most well-organized and thoughtfully
prepared horsemanship video that I have found. The sections on history of the
Garrocha and tack and equipment are good introductions to those new to the Garrocha,
and the Exhibition footage is truly inspirational.

   One realizes while watching this DVD that working with the Garrocha is not just
for one discipline of riding. The principles and exercises presented here can help
with improving balance, refining the aids, and achieving better communication with
your horse no matter what style of riding you do. John Saint Ryan thoughtfully
includes different breeds and training levels to emphasis this point.

    Many instructional videos show only the perfected footage of the horse. I found
the inclusion of less confident horses and potential challenges that can arise very
refreshing, as it let's the rider get a look at how to safely handle a real-life

   I look forward to more from John Saint Ryan on the Advanced Garrocha exercises,
but for now this DVD gives me plenty of useful exercises for both my green horse and
my more advanced horse.
Katy Sommers DVM

I thoroughly enjoyed watching your Garrocha DVD. It is professional in quality, easy to follow, and very informative. It has motivated me to give this a try. 
Congratulations on a job well done, and for being so creative and industrious. 
Way to go, John!
Gary Mullen

Art of the Garrocha

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Acoso y Derribo

The art of running and bringing down a bull using the ‘garrocha’, (cattle lance). The ‘garrocha’ is traditionally made of wood but many are now made of fiber glass. The accepted length is 13’1”.  In the series of photos below, John is riding Jugueton (Jugueton V x Caramela V1)



‘Acoso y Derribo’ is currently a competitive sport in Spain. Two ‘garrochistas’ follow the bull at speed into an open field. Both men carry a ‘garrocha’, the man who knocks the bull down is known as ‘el que suelta’, while his accomplice is known as the ‘amparador’.

Competitors gain points for knocking the bull down within certain boundaries on the field, and for their horsemanship skills.  This is an extremely demanding sport for both horse and rider.  The sudden changes in both speed and direction must be coordinated with each rider to prove successful.